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Copper Recovery Electrolysis System

Applied: Micro-etching waste, acid etching waste, alkaline etching waste, brown waste

1. Avoid many affective factors in the traditional electrolysis method, like ion concentration, deposition potential, concentration polarization, overpotential, PH value and so on.

2. Effectively recover high purity copper from lower copper concentration waste. The recovery rate is ppm level, and copper purity can reach to 99.99%.

3. Advantages: liquid closed recycle to avoid bubbling air. Convenient extension and movement of modularized equipment.

Au & Ag

Gold/Silver Electrolysis System

Applied: Gold-plated water, silver-plated water, film waster

1. Intelligent electrolysis by the method of rotating cathode and high-frequency impulse;

2. Without adding any chemical, using less power energy, no secondary pollution;

3. Large volume processing, so the equipment can process 6000-18000L gold or silver waste per month;

4. After processing, precious metal concentration rate: silver is below 5-20ppm, gold is below 2-10ppm;

5. Recovery rate is above 99%. Silver purity is about 95-99.8%, but gold need double purification.


Nickel Waste Electrolysis System

Applied: chemical nickel waste, nickel concentration waste, electroless nickel cleanser


According to government environmental protection standards of nickel waste water processing, our equipment could process the nickel in the waste to meet the requirements, by remaining the old site and system.

Design Principles:

1. Advanced and practical technology

2. System is more stable, durable, reasonable and flexible.

3. Less investment, reliable processing method

4. Use less area, easy circuit, convenient operation

Patent No.:201420533980.7


Palladium Adsorption Recycle System

Applied: Palladium Waste


1. Recycle palladium, without adding any chemicals, no secondary pollution

2. After processing, palladium content is about 0.2-0.6ppm but produced palladium tree content is 30g/L.

3. Use less area which is about 1-4, Auto-work, Easy operation, No need special staff to monitor everyday.


Tin Waste Recycle System

Applied: Tin waste

Deposit Method:

After chemical Substitution method of adding chemicals in the waste to get tin deposits, block tin could be produced by pressing the deposits. The tin block could be sold directly. After processing, the left waste could be drained away to the sewage plant. There is no polluted air in the chemical reaction.

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