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  Shenzhen Longde Industrial Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2016, Shenzhen Longde Industrial Technology Co., Ltd is an environmental protection program technology company, which is professional in preciouse metal recovery from waste liquid, waste liquid processing equipments, central auto adding chemical liquid program and son on for PCB factories.
   With best quality, highest service and newest innovations, our company has many excellent professional engineers, who can increasingly research and development of Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pd, Sn precious metal recovery equipments and related equipments.
   We provide beneficial environmental development for many clients. With trustable cooperation and professional technology,we will cooperate with more and more clients to promote environmental development for PCB field.
No.135, Guangshen Rd, Songgang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China
Cooperation Mode

1.Only Purchase Equipments Mode

Ø After client pay for 50% deposit, we begin to produce and install the equipment;

Ø After client check and test the equipment, client should  pay for 50% balance;

Ø We provide technical support and training.

2. Long-term cooperation Mode

Ø After assessing the program, we install equipment for client with no payment;

Ø We are responsible for daily maintainance;

Ø We and client share the copper income according negotiated rate.

Win-Win Cooperation!

Installation Sheet
Installation Sheet
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