Auto-adding Chemicals and Dispensing System

Auto adding chemicals and dispensing system is a auto chemical dispensing system. With more accuracy, avoid staffs touching high corrosion chemicals. With no interruption, the system is more safe and convenient.

With high accuracy and compact volume, the system have many great characteristics, like easy operation, input & output volume control, concentration adjustment, auto operation, PLC control, Ultrasonic level control, and so on. If there is malfunction, system will be closed automatically and sent alarm single.


Ø Central control of chemicals to improve the workshop condition.

Ø Auto restore, dispensing and delivery process with more accuracy.

Ø Prevent staffs touching chemicals to make the operation more safe and to avoid any pollute caused by chemicals.

Ø Multiple protection, like double layer pipeline, lower malfunction rate, safe process.

Program Introduction:


1. According clients requirements, we will design a suitable solution for clients, including equipment in the central station (not including basic installation, like epoxy, fire control, draught air, illumination and so on)

2.Install suitable restore and dispensing pipelines to the production line, with multiple protection, like double level pipeline, segmented structure and so on.

3.With advanced and high quality materials, to prevent the condition, like chemical corrosion, leakage, high pressure and temperature.

4. With advanced flowmeter, ultrasonic level, PLC software and so on, control the flow volume and chemical level more correctly, with different mix mode.

5.Central management and control, remote monitor system, and dynamic software interface to realize dispensing at site and auto analysis and report.