Palladium Recovery System


Ⅰ. Background

In the PCB factory and the electroplate factory, the process of palladium plating line and precipitating palladium line will produce palladium waste or palladium washing waste. Until now, the palladium in the high palladium content waste and first processing washing waste could be recovered by equipment, but the second and third washing waste contain too less palladium and too much waster inside, so there is no effective method to recovery the palladium in them. Thus, the waste will be output in the waste station and palladium will be precipitated as mud.

The above two methods have too many middle processes and there will be waste during recovery. Because palladium price is very high, it is not cost effective by using above methods.

Our palladium equipment could recovery palladium from palladium waste by special absorption resin. Ion exchange method could recovery palladium selectively from washing waste. Meanwhile, palladium cost is very high now which is very imperative for recovery.

Our palladium equipment use very less area and has many characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, light weight, easy installation and control, less maintain fee.So it is very useful for every PCB factory.


Ø Recovery resources, no need additional additive, no secondary pollution, energy conservation and environment protection

Ø Output waste palladium content is less than 0.2-0.6ppm, and produced resins palladium content is above 30g/L

Ø Less area which is about 1-4,   auto-operation, no need people monitor all the time.

Ⅲ. Technology Process


Ⅳ. Equipment Installation