Exhausted  Gas Purification  Tower


Exhaust Gas and Processing Technology

   In the production, there are acid & alkaline gascyanide gas and organic gas, which will affact staff’s working condition and around environment. Thus, these gas could be exhausted directly. In order to solve this problem and exhausted gas could meet environment protection standard, factory should process the gas before exhausting.

Purification Tower Processing

For acid or alkaline gas, there are built-in aborsption materials which enlarge the contact surface of gas and liquid. When the gas go through distribution board, the gas will be distributed on the surface of hollow ball. By point contact, the gas will flow like “W” route to avoid bias. Companying by 90 degree spraying of tornado sprayer, gas and liquid mix rate is about 90% to 95%. By countercurrent absorption (Auto neutralizer H2SO4 and NaOH adding processing equipment), the gas will be clean. According different content of gas, we can add multi-level spraying installations to enhance the purification effect. (If the acid content is too high, as well as strong irritating smell, we will also add pretend photocayalyst device.)

   The purification tower is made by anticorrosive materials, like PP, UPVC, FRPP and so on. According clients’ requirements, we can add aborsption materials, gas & liquid segregation, pump, fan, auto-adding chemical equipment and so on. The whole system’s structure and technology could meet gas purification standard and the exhausted gas also could meet national environmental protection standard.