Oven Heat Recycle Machine



Oven machine is one of most energy consumption equipment in the PCB factory. Because during working the machine need to exhaust air continuously, 70% heat will be also exhausted accompany by air. Thus, it will waste more energy to produce heat, meanwhile, the exhausted heat air will pollute the environment. Through oven heat recycle machine, the heat will be absorbed by machine and exhausted air will be cool down. The heat will back to the oven to save more energy. This machine is very small with lower cost, so you will soon get the return by saving energy.

There are more and more competitors in the PCB field, so it is very imperative to save cost and increase the profit. Power energy cost is one of most high production cost. Saving energy and protecting environment is very necessary to decrease the cost.

Oven Working Principle:

Oven working principle meet energy conservation law, which transform power energy into heat energy. When oven working, increase heating elements (resistance) voltage and current, the heating elements will increase more heat energy. By fan, the heat will be sent to working station. By heat exchange, the materials in the working station will be dried.

Heat Recycle Principle:

The exhausted heat of oven will through heat recycle machine, so the heat in the air will exchange heat with heat elements in the recycle machine and then the recycle machine will return the heat back to the oven. So it will decrease the oven to pre-heat for new air to save power energy.   

Heat Recycle Machine Characteristics:

A. Easy installation: there is no change for the oven and no need to stop the oven work during installation.

B. Safe and high quality:   The high quality heat pipe can restrain 300℃ and acid and alkali, so the machine is very durable.

C. Long life span: The heat recycle machine could be used for more than 10 years and heat pipe could be separated and washed. So it is very easy to maintain

D. Low resistance heat exchange elements: the heat recycle machine use low resistance and high ventilation heat exchange element, so it can use the ovens original exhausted air power and there is no additional power consumption.

E. Sealed anti-crossflow design: The recycle machines absorption surface is separated with releasing heat surface. So waste air is separated with new air.

F.   Extractive maintain procedures: During maintain, the engineer only need to pull out the pipe and use 70 degree 10% alkali to soak the pipe for about 10min and then wash it by pure water.

G. Machine insulation: The main body of the recycle machine has insulation design to prevent heat release. So this design will enhance the energy saving efficiency and decrease the air pollution.

H. No consumables: The recycle machine no need any consumable, so there is no additional cost.

I. Low investment and fast cost recovery. There is long-term cost saving after once investment.